Andriy Khanas. Historical and Canonical Aspects of the Pauline Privilege Print


The author presents an ancient institute of the Pauline privilege as a possibility of dissolving the marriage bond contracted between two non-baptized partners for the good of the faith, in case when one of the married parties embraces the Christian faith and receives Baptism while the other one remains outside of the Church. The article analyzes the character of the Privilege introduced by St. Paul (1 Corinthians 7, 12-15). On the basis of historical e vidence it takes under a thorough consideration the process of its gradual development in the course of centuries and its final institutionalization. A brief analysis of the normative legal acts regulating the possibility of the application of the Pauline privilege  (especially canon 854 CCEO, canon 1143 CIC, as well as the Instruction «Potestas Ecclesiae» in the procedure of the marriage bond dissolution for the good of the faith), provides a better opportunity to get acquainted with the possibilities of the application of this canonical institute for the good of the faithful of the Christ’s Church.