The Provisions on the Department of Theology Print

1. General provisions

1.1. Department of Theology (hereafter referred to as simply Department) of the Faculty of Theology and Philosophy the Ukrainian Catholic University (hereafter – the University, UCU) is a structural subdivision of educational and scholarly type which is created by decision of the UCU Academic Board. The Department is subordinate to the Dean of the Faculty of Philosophy and Theology of the University.
1.2. The aims of creating the Department are the following:

  • to educate highly qualified specialists in theology who are knowledgeable both in theory and practice and capable of using them in their further professional activity;
  • to carry out research and scholarly activity in various branches of theological studies, including interdisciplinary research and participation in inter-department projects and events;
  • to provide for the most successful organization and performance of theology curriculum;
  • to create and deliver obligatory and optional courses on theology for students of other specialties;
  • to prepare and publish methodological, educational and scholarly printed production related to theology and methodology of its teaching  which will contribute to the development of this area of scholarship, spreading of information and UCU scholarly contacts, as well as improvement of teaching theological subjects within the system of higher education.

1.3. In its activity the Department is based on the Constitution of Ukraine and the effective legislation, in particular, the Law of Ukraine On Higher Education, as well as regulatory documents of the Ministry of Education of Ukraine, UCU Statute, Provisions about the Faculty of Philosophy and Theology, these very Provisions, orders of the first vice-rector, vice-rector for scholarly and pedagogical work, and the Dean of the Faculty.
1.4. Scholarly and pedagogical staff members of the Department are employed and dismissed according to the norms of the Standard Procedure of Employing Scholarly and Pedagogical Staff Members of the higher education InstitutionUkrainian Catholic University.

2. Major Tasks and Functions of the Department of Theology

The main tasks and functions of the Department of Theology are the following:
2.1. To provide all the necessary conditions for conducting educational classes of all types, development of educational programs within various disciplines attached to the Department and curricula for training specialists of respective educational and qualification levels, production of contemporary textbooks, manuals and other educational and methodological literature.
2.2. To carry out educational activities within one or a number of related disciplines, scholarly and research activity, as well as organizational and methodological supervision of students within certain directions (specializations).
2.3. In the sphere of educational work the Department:

  • develops topics and programs of educational normative (obligatory) and optional disciplines;
  • defines course paper themes and supervises students’ work on course papers and graduate papers;
  • submits for approval of the Academic Council of the University documents about the forms of conducted classes;
  • carries out control over the process of studying of undergraduates, PhD and post-doctoral students, including all forms of applying PC’s and other technical forms of studying.

2.4. In the sphere of scholarly and research work the Department:  
carries out theoretical and develops new scholarly research directions, participates in scholarship programs and projects, complex inter-department, inter-faculty, inter-university scholarship research projects, engages undergraduates, graduates, and doctoral students for scholarly and educational work of the department;
submits proposals regarding plans for further scholarship, definition of research topics, forms and methods of conducting research projects and further introduction of their results into the educational process; 
participates in the preparation of high quality specialists through the institutes of postgraduate and doctoral studies, fellowships, considers and recommends for defense candidate and doctoral dissertations; 
favors preservation and development of scholarly and educational schools, adequate use of scholarly and academic potential of professors and leading docents;
favors the revival, preservation and promotion of national scholarly legacy and tradition, carrying out historical and memorial researches, cultural and enlightenment activity.
2.6. The Department participates in the implementation of plans for international cooperation of the University or the Faculty.
2.7. Carries out scholarly and theoretical supervision of international, national, city and district events (conferences, seminars, trainings, master-classes, round tables, creativity workshops) conducted on the basis of the University.
2.8. The Department can also carry out publishing activity, as well as other kinds of activities which do not contravene the active legislation.
2.9. The Department creates proper conditions of work for the members of the Department, post-graduates and doctoral students of the Department.

3. Department Structure and Management

3.1. The Department consists of at least five academic staff members for whom the Department is the main place of work and at least three of whom bear a scholarly degree or an academic title. 
3.2. Management of the Department is carried out by the head of the Department who is elected to this position by the UCU Academic Board ; (s)he manages the administrative, scholarly and academic segments of the Department activity. 
3.3. All the Department staff members are subordinate to the head. During the time of his\her absence the duties are temporarily passed over to the acting head of the Department.
3.4. The quality and quantity of the Department staff is approved by the University Rector’s order with the recommendation of the Dean of the Faculty, approval of the vice-rector for academic work and can be changed as a result of changes in the curricula, conditions and peculiarities of the University activity, the active legislation of Ukraine etc.
3.5. The academic staff of the Department consists of the employees who carry out administrative and educations activity related to teaching academic courses, conducting scholarly researches, implementation of the educational and scholarly plans of the Department and the Faculty, namely:

  • distinguished professors;
  • docents;
  • senior professors;
  • professors;
  • assistant professors.

4. Organization of the work and interaction with other divisions

4.1. Organization of the Department work is carried out on the basis of:

  • annual plan of work for an academic year by all types of activity: academic, methodological, scholarly, organizational.
  • Annual budget of the Department approved by the Dean of the Faculty and signed by the Rector of the University.

4.2. The organization of the Department work is carried out via the realization of the requirements of the internal normative documents signed by the Rector of the University, as well as orders and decrees of the University management, and requirements of these very Provisions.
4.3. The employees are instructed directly by the head of the Department.
4.4. For the sake of performing its functions and for the realization of its rights the Department interacts with other employees and units of the University: receives orders and decrees from the Rector of the University and UCU vice-rectors, the Dean of the Faculty of Philosophy and Theology and delivers to them reports, notices and current information; approves educational and methodological activity, organizes shared scholarship projects with other departments of the Faculty.

5. Department rights

The Department has right to:
5.1. Independently organize its activity within the framework of the tasks and functions, envisaged with these Provisions.
5.2. Introduce proposals to UCU management on the issues of increasing the performance of the Theology Department, as well as other University units with which the Department interacts and of improving work conditions of the Department staff.

6. Responsibility of the Department

6.1. The Department bears responsibility for conducting educational, methodological work, for conducting scholarly programs and for the social security of the staff members.
6.2. Full responsibility of the head and staff members of the Department is stipulated by the respective job discriptions.

7. Concluding Provisions

7.1. These Provisions about the Department come into power from the moment of approval by the Rector of the University which is recorded by a respective decree.
7.2. The procedure of signing, approving and revising these Provisons about the Department by the inner normative document “The Order of developing, documenting and signing the regulations about structural units and job discriptions. Methodology».

8. Termination of the Department Activity

8.1. Termination of the Department activity takes place via liquidation or reorganization (linking to other departments of the Faculty of Theology and Philosophy or fusion with them) by the decision of the Academic Board on complex re-organization of two or more departments.